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Ness Mack Naturopath Herbalist Natural as Health


At Natural as Health you and your family are cared for with ethical, honest, caring advice from Ness a bachelor qualified natural medicine practitioner.

Kia Ora I’m Ness I have a Bachelors of Natural Medicine, Diploma of Psychology, Tao Shiatsu Practitioner Certified, Live & Dried blood Analysis Certified.

I offer you my services,  

Medical Herbalist 


Shiatsu Therapist 

Live & Dried Blood Analyst


Tuesdays - Roses & Remedies Coromandel Town

Wednesdays & Thursdays - Online via Skype or WhatsApp

Fridays & Saturdays - Colville Health Trust Practitioner Room. 

Online - also Fridays & Saturdays 

Mobile Service may be available during holidays or special circumstances. 

My practice has developed from 22 years clinical practice as a shiatsu therapist, 11 years as an herbalist & naturopath including 4 years experience working directly in clinic with an integrative doctor.  

I have worked with a large variety of clients with different concerns & gained valuable experience in treating conditions  such as;

  • Allergies & Intolerances

  • Immune Health Support 

  • Stress, Anxiety & Depression

  • Fatigue

  • Digestive & Bladder conditions

  • Back, Neck, Shoulder & Joint Issues 

  • Thyroid Issues 

  • Menstrual & Menopausal concerns 

  • Repetitive Stress Injuries & Overuse Syndrome      


As a naturopath I understand how differently natural health practitioners can work. I am more than happy to have a free discussion with you as to how we can work together & what you can expect. I am also passionate about using the best quality herbs & natural products available.

I can also work within a integrative/biomedical model when this is best for my clients. 

I continue to update my skills and studies and I have a large circle of practitioners for gaining, sharing up to date clinical knowledge and research  around herbal, natural medicine and medical conditions. 

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Natural as Health


My hay fever, animal & dust allergies have really improved from working witth Ness  I really appreciate how much thought care; knowledge goes into my plans & into researching products. I must admit I had not really thought much about what, where, how my supplements come to be before.

 I have been coming to Ness for Shiatsu regularly for over a year. The sessions really help with my mental health. I find Ness to be a kind and caring practitioner who is sensitive to my needs she is open to talking but also able to hold a quite space depending on my mood. 

My gut health was really bad for many years and it has really improved from seeing Ness and following her advice over the last few months. I am really grateful for her honest, ethical and knowledgeable advice. I really felt heard by Ness and she was able to look at medical records and help me understand about health issues that had not been explained before.

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Contact Us

Ness Faye                                                              (BNatMed, Dip Tao Shiatsu, Dip Psychology,                         Live & Dried Blood cert)

021 0228 5266

Available by  appointment 

*Tuesdays       - Rose's & Remedies Coromandel Town

*Wednesdays - Online via Skype or WhatsApp

*Thursdays     -  Online via Skype or WhatsApp  

*Fridays           -  Colville Health Trust Practitioner Rooms 

*Saturdays      - Colville Health Trust Practitioner Rooms

Online also available Fridays & Saturdays

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